Our Story

Our Story

Inspired by the textile waste polluting Kenya's scenic landscapes, the founding Team of Off Cut, envisioned a way to transform discarded fabrics into unique and timeless clothing.


Our vision at Off Cut is to lead a transformative change in the fashion industry by upcycling textile waste. We aspire to convert these discarded fabrics with potential into high-quality, timeless, and stylish clothing, breathing new life into valuable resources.


At Off Cut, we are committed to nurturing strong partnerships with local industry leaders within Kenya's vibrant textile sector. We take great pride in our close collaboration with a diverse team of experts who bring in-depth knowledge and extensive experience across every facet of the textile manufacturing process.


Thabo: The Visionary Founder

Meet Thabo, the visionary founder of Off Cut Kenya. Driven by a passion for sustainability, Thabo had the brilliant idea to repurpose pre-owned materials, breathing new life into discarded fabrics and shaping the future of fashion.

Sabine: The Creative Genius

Allow us to introduce Sabine, the creative genius shaping our garments. With an impeccable eye for design and a deep-rooted commitment to quality, Sabine infuses timeless elegance into every piece in our collection.

Julian: The Heart and Soul of Events

Julian is the heart and soul behind our events. Always wearing a warm smile, Julian goes the extra mile to find you your unique Off Cut piece while curating unforgettable experiences that linger in your memory. 

Titi: Turning ideas into one-of-a-kind treasures

Titi excels at bringing the imaginative sketches crafted by our creative design team to life, seamlessly transforming them into tangible garments. Guided by his mantra, 'believe in the impossible' he tackles even the most intricate garment designs with ease, ensuring their successful production.

Behind the Brand

Celebrating our valued partnership with Mfuanji Enterprise Ltd., we applaud their unwavering dedication to high-quality craftsmanship. Our collaboration is an ever-evolving alliance that not only enhances our offerings but also contributes to the growth of their export business, providing diversification opportunities even in challenging times.

Explore our collections, which showcase the result of this dynamic partnership and a commitment to quality that we are proud to share with you.