At Off Cut, we take immense pride in our production process, which is characterized by unwavering dedication to quality and a strong sense of professionalism. Our trusted manufacturing partner, located in Nairobi's bustling 'Industrial Area,' shares this commitment and plays a pivotal role in crafting our premium products.

A Partnership that Transcends Fashion

In collaboration with Mfuanji Enterprises Ltd., we've curated various Off Cut collections, featuring a diverse range of garments such as shirts, shorts, jackets, and other timeless fashion treasures. Mfuanji Enterprises Ltd. brings a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that each piece reflects the spirit and authenticity of Off Cut Kenya.

Caring for The Team in Trying Times

Established in 2012 by Dominic Titi Nguku, Mfujanji Enterprises Ltd. has flourished, now boasting a dynamic team of 30+ dedicated members. Even in the face of recent challenges, their commitment to the team's well-being remains unshaken. Titi's leadership is marked by a profound respect and a composed approach, ensuring the stability and security of the team's livelihood.

Adaptability and Collaboration

Our collaboration with Mfuanji Enterprises Ltd. is defined by adaptability and a keen understanding of market demands. Leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and an expansive network, we've mastered the art of responding swiftly to customers wishes. Overseeing this remarkable partnership is Sabine Hüster, a seasoned industry expert with over three decades of experience in the field.

At Off Cut, we cherish the bonds that make our production process not just efficient, but a reflection of our values of quality, professionalism, and inclusivity. Explore our collections and be part of a fashion journey that transcends tradition and embraces the future.